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Crowd Town(粉丝大作战)

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    Expand Team, Crowded City, Army Building, City Growth, Collecting Fans!
    Play Crowd become the leader the people are looking for and create the biggest following on the map. Prove that your crowd is the strongest in the city!

    You start out as a single person running around an urban area and looking for other people to join you. Evidently, your character is pretty charismatic: when you run into a neutral NPC you quickly convince them to become a member of your party.
    How to play:
    Crowd Town is all about bringing people together.
    To assimilate a new member into your little fans army all you need to do is approach a random pedestrian of a neutral color.
    They will automatically join you becoming the same color as you.
    The more people you run into, the bigger your crowd becomes!
    You should always be aware of other players: if their group has more members, yours will be consumed completely and you will have to start from scratch.
    The good news is, you can do the same as long as you outnumber the opponent.
    The goal is to create the biggest crowd on the map outnumbering the crowds of all the other players in a short period of time.

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    在拥挤城市里成为城市英雄 粉丝达人!


    1. 扮演一个在城市中游走的粉丝达人
    2. 在屏幕上划动就可以自由控制移动
    3. 远离比自己人数多的粉丝队伍,为了偶像达人同化比自己人数少的粉丝阵容
    4. 和线上玩家模拟的AI同步对战
    5. 积累经验,牢记地图,快速发展自己的粉丝阵容


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